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Sunday services:

Join us every Sunday as we worship our King and are equipped to represent Christ spreading the Kingdom influence in our daily endeavours

Service Time: 11.00 am-1.10 pm

Sunday School: 11:00 AM-11.50 AM

Service: 11:150 AM - 1.10 PM

weekly services:

  1. Tuesday Bible Study:   8.00pm-9.15pm

  2. Wednesday Holy Communion Service: 8:00pm - 9.00pm

  3. Altar of Mercy Prayer meeting - Every Friday - 10:30pm-11:30pm

  4. Holy Ghost fire and Anointing Night- the last Friday of every month: 10:00PM-12:00AM

Contact us

Unit 29 Leegate Centre, Leegreen, London SE12 8SS

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